Rail Cargo Operator


Whether it is the transport to Turkey or to and from the main ports and terminals – as a strong partner of the international logistics industry the Rail Cargo Group is already playing a leading role.

Through customized logistics and transport solutions, Rail Cargo Operator is helping to strengthen the importance of the railway as a transport mode. For heavy goods over long distances, we create attractive high-frequency long distance connections to the business centers of North Western and South Eastern Europe, from which resellers can also benefit.


Our Operator subsidiaries

Rail Cargo Operator - Austria GmbH

On 1 July 2015 all operator activities established in Rail Cargo Austria AG will be integrated and restructured in a new company, “Rail Cargo Operator - Austria GmbH”. The management of Rail Cargo Operator - Austria GmbH consists of two directors, Sabine Bund and Max Kindler. Rail Cargo Operator - Austria GmbH runs intermodal transports both in the accompanied and unaccompanied combined transport on all important rail corridors between Austria and the northern/western European ports, the ports of the northern Adria as well as between the Ruhr area and South-East-Europe up to Greece and Turkey. Furthermore the roaling road (accompanied combined transport) on various Austrian transit routes.  

Rail Cargo Operator - CSKD s.r.o.

The Rail Cargo Operator - CSKD s.r.o. works as an operator in the Czech Republc and Slovakia

Rail Cargo Operator - Hungaria Kft.

The Rail Cargo Operator - Hungaria s.r.o. offers comprehensive operator services in Hungary


Rail Cargo Terminal - BILK Zrt.

The Rail Cargo Terminal - BILK Zrt. is one of the most important terminals in Hunary and inals Ungarns and is a hub between Eastern and Western Europe


Adria Kombi

The Adria Kombi d.o.o. in Ljubljana