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f.l.t.r. Clemens Först (Spokesman of the Board RCG), Ernst Nagl (Leitbetriebe Austria)

The Rail Cargo Group has been recognised as a leading company by “Leitbetriebe Austria”


Thanks to its comprehensive network and rail freight transport reinforcement, the Rail Cargo Group is a reliable business partner in Austria and Europe

Strong leading companies safeguard growth and employment, invest in innovation and communicate very well with customers and partners. The Rail Cargo Group (RCG) is a rail logistics company that provides seamless transport on the environmentally friendly option of rail in 18 European countries. The RCG’s eligibility for the award is not simply thanks to its customised services at national and international level, but predominantly as a reliable partner of the Austrian economy. The Rail Cargo Group has now been honoured for its work by a cross-industry economic network with the award of the “Leitbetrieb Austria” (Leading Company Austria) seal of quality.

Leading companies boost the Austrian economy

A leading company is a company that does not seek short-term gains, but targets sustainable corporate success. Thanks to its market and value orientation, it drives the development of its region and industry. A leading company assumes responsibility for society and the environment, takes on an exemplary role and exploits this for a competitive advantage.

Every year, companies considered to be top representatives of the Austrian economy are nominated for certification by the business platform “Leitbetriebe Austria” (Leading Companies Austria). An assessment of financial strength, sustainability, performance, economic power and innovation is carried out to ensure that the criteria for receiving the certification are met. The Leitbetriebe Institut checks that applicants fulfil the certification criteria and then selects the top performers as exemplary companies.

Formula for success: internationalisation and innovation

This year the recognised seal of quality was awarded to the Rail Cargo Group. Clemens Först, spokesman of the board for the RCG, accepted the award on behalf of all Rail Cargo Group employees. “This certificate highlights the positive development of the freight transport activity of ÖBB in the face of challenging conditions and shows that the Rail Cargo Group is a benchmark of the domestic economy”, explains Först.

Over the next few years, Austria, which transports a high proportion of its freight by rail (over 30 %), will continue to maintain its market domination in Europe. In areas including the “Wagon of the future”, close cooperation with start-ups, and the targeted development of booking and tracking & tracing systems, it is possible to provide better services and redefine benchmarks through innovation and digitalisation initiatives. In combination with other internationalisation activities, the Rail Cargo Group is committed to the sustainable reinforcement of environmentally friendly rail transport by means of forward-looking and customer-oriented services within Europe and beyond.