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Timber houses go by rail


Solid timber panels for homes and public buildings are being transported from Austria to Norway in an environmentally friendly way.

Rail Cargo Group is the largest transporter of timber in Central Europe and has the best connections to the hubs and ports of South Eastern Europe. Innovative solutions and special wagons make round timber, sawn timber and container transport all possible. Stora Enso, one of the leading providers of sustainable solutions for construction and residential purposes, also relies on Rail Cargo Group’s expertise. The solid wooden panels for houses and buildings are being transported from Austria to Scandinavia by environmentally friendly rail.

Wood – nature’s most popular product!

There is around one billion cubic metres of wood in Austria’s forests and the amount is growing all the time! Forest growth also has the side-effect of purifying the surrounding air and water, so timber is unquestionably the future of construction material and is becoming increasingly important for building activities in towns and villages. It is sustainable, renewable and absorbs carbon dioxide, making it an extremely environmentally friendly construction material.

For years, Scandinavian countries like Norway and Sweden have relied on mankind’s first building material and therefore on Stora Enso, a leading supplier of versatile and sustainable solutions for construction and residential purposes. Whether it is for family homes, student accommodation or multi-storey buildings, Stora Enso delivers entire towns to Norway and Sweden made out of CLT (Cross Laminated Timber), the solid wood construction material. And if the material itself is sustainable, so is the way it reaches its destination, with 90% of shipments to Norway already going by rail.

Systematic housing systematically transported

Rail Cargo Group is responsible for the transport of CLT units. With all the advantages of a one-stop shop, the group meets the timber industry’s pressing demands and masters the fundamentals of the carriage of renewable resources. Our in-house team of experts specialising in the timber industry formulate and coordinate carefully thought-out and comprehensive solutions for international transport.

The timber is transported from both of Stora Enso’s production plants in Ybbs/Donau in Lower Austria and Bad St. Leonard in Carinthia directly to Oslo and Trondheim in Norway by climate-friendly rail. The construction materials are then transported by truck from the loading terminal to the construction site itself. Meeting precise delivery deadlines, as well as the professional management of incidents and responses, are all vital in ensuring punctual deliveries and that construction can go ahead as planned. The shipment is electronically tracked over the course of approximately 2,900 kilometres to Oslo and approximately 3,600 kilometres to Trondheim in the far North.

Every Laapr stanchion wagon transports 100m3 CLT, almost an entire building. The packages, which can weigh up to 25 tons and measure about 14 metres in length and 3 metres in width, are wrapped in a protective cover to shield them from the weather.