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Intergenerational training with prospects


  • The Rail Cargo Group is a leading international company in the logistics industry and adopts an international approach to its training and employee development
  • Being a logistics administrator of RCG for employees in Austria, Germany and Hungary increases employer appeal

The modern training course for certified logistics administrators is being held for the fourth time in succession. It offers personalised training and an advanced logistics module on the topic of transport and logistics in an international context, unique in Austria. The international training with participants from Austria, Germany and Hungary and the business model development using the Business Model Canvas are new for this year. This is how the Rail Cargo Group capitalises on active employee development and talent management in an international environment.

Quality training for in-depth specialist knowledge

The “certified logistics administrator” course takes place over 2 semesters on a part-time basis. This course examines future issues with a customer focus and develops them into business models by applying the Business Model Canvas. The training is completed with a thesis, in which the participants take an in-depth look at their ideas and projects.
RCG opts for blended learning during the training for greater flexibility. This type of integrated learning capitalises on a didactically meaningful linking of traditional attendance events and modern forms of e-learning. Seventeen participants of all ages and departments as well as different training grades and functions experience cross-functional co-operation in this way.