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Rail Cargo Group expands China offering


RCG now also connects Italy and China by rail

The Rail Cargo Group is continuing its strategy of internationalisation and intensifying its Asia offering. Following the successful start to the China-Italy train from Taiyuan in China to Lugo in Italy – initially a pilot project and now a regular monthly service – the connection between Italy and China is being further strengthened. Thus, a container train has now been operated for the first time from the Italian city of Mortara to the Chinese city of Chengdu.

“We will further push the internationalisation in the upcoming years. In order to continue to lead the tune in the rail freight business, we will enhance the expansion in new markets on full power. Thereto, we make the necessary means and resources available to ensure a smooth train handling and an even higher quality-level of the Rail Cargo Group“, says ÖBB CEO Andreas Matthä.

Italy and China coalescing

Since the Chinese market offers enormous potential for cargo transportation from and to Europe, the Rail Cargo Group is continuously expanding its long-distance connections. Starting from Mortara, south-west of Milan, transportation continues on to the Chinese city of Chengdu. The route covers Italy, Austria, the Czech Republic, Poland, Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan and China. Transported are 34 40-foot containers loaded with goods such as industrial machinery and Italian tiles.

Thanks to a sophisticated transport concept and the bringing together of professional partners such as RTSB, Captrain and RCG, it is possible to provide a high-quality container train across the Eurasian land bridge, which, thanks to a transport time of 17 days, represents a real alternative to the maritime container ship route. Plans are in place to expand the frequency to two trains per month from the second quarter of 2018.

RCG consistently expanding its position on the Silk Road

The Asia team of RCG started work in summer 2017. Equipped with experienced specialists, various train products from Hungary and Italy are now en route to the Far East and Central Asia. The continuous internationalisation strategy of RCG is once again being highlighted with the new rail logistics offering.