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Rail over road - RCG score with special technology


The Rail Cargo Group’s project participation kick starts railway campaigns and shows how container transports can be handled without a terminal.


With the goal of even faster and more effective HGV transport of container goods from factory to train, Fritsch, Chiari & Partner ZT GmbH (FCP) is currently pursuing a project aimed at promoting Combined Transports which can operate without the need for a terminal. The project’s first test transport was completed at the beginning of October with the technically sophisticated MOBILER system of the Rail Cargo Group (RCG) – the goods transport division of ÖBB.

The project

The number of container transports both in Austria and abroad is constantly expanding. That’s why rapid and straightforward container handling from HGV to rail lies at the centre of the “Combi Coop II” project supported by Austrian Wirtschaftsservice GmbH and operated under the leadership of FCP. Within the Southern Burgenland region, which has seen a sharp increase in the transport of goods by rail since 2013, specific transportation cases are being examined for their profitability using state-of-the-art Combined Transport systems. The market-orientated project aims specifically at showing companies without their own rail connection the benefits that are associated with Combined Transport by rail in terms of cost, transport and environmental impact. The project makes an active contribution to the railway campaign in this area, particularly regarding the shifting of goods transports from road to rail, and can act as a model for other regions.

The test run

During the test transports, the project managers rely, among other things, on the logistical expertise and modern equipment of RCG: Thanks to the special container movement system enabled by MOBILER technology, MOBILER containers can be transferred between HGV and railway wagons quickly, without fuss and almost anywhere – by a single individual, without needing any external assistance or expensive terminal equipment, such as cranes. This is made possible by a special hydraulic lift and feed device. A railway station with an appropriate loading siding and team track is sufficient.

For this project the deployment of the MOBILER system, which has since established itself on the market, took place in Rechnitz/Oberwart district in Burgenland for the waste disposal company Stipits Enstorgung GmbH. This involved MOBILER HGVs bringing several containers directly to the location of the waste disposal company, where the containers were loaded with waste paper and cardboard boxes. The MOBILER lorries HGVs then drove the short distance to Oberwart railway station and transferred the containers onto the railway in a matter of minutes. Following the successful test run, further test transports are planned using MOBILER technology. Additionally, the fast and versatile container movement system of RCG should in future continue to be used in the region, as the test transport impressively demonstrated how companies can benefit from additional capabilities regarding the transportation of goods by rail through efficient container handling.

FCP – Ideas become reality

The company focuses on services regarding infrastructure, planning, project management, supportive testing, general planning, research and “BauKG” (law on construction site coordination). We place particular importance on innovative ideas and optimal support of our clients, who we support 100 percent on the basis of our knowledge and integrity. Our priorities include ensuring maximum quality as well as adhering to delivery dates and costs. The lasting protection of the environment also holds a high priority within the scope of what we do. It’s our way of contributing to the preservation of the opportunities of future generations.