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Rail Cargo Group ramps up Italy transport operations


  • Number 1 rail logistics from and to Trieste 
  • Port of Monfalcone - hub for automotive and timber shipments 

The Rail Cargo Group is the expert in rail transport to and from Trieste. Since their launch in 2012, transport operations to and from Trieste have grown by around 60 percent. And RCG is planning a further increase of 20 percent for 2018. This will not only improve links between Europe and the Mediterranean, but also with the Far East.  

Port of Trieste continues to grow

Located in the heart of Europe, between shipping routes and the Baltic-Adriatic and Mediterranean corridors, the Port of Trieste creates international connections between overseas countries and the dynamic markets in Central and Eastern Europe. The Trieste and Monfalcone Port Authority has implemented many successful initiatives in recent years, in close consultation with the Friuli-Venezia Giulia regional government. The growth rates of the port are consequently very impressive. With modernisation and further expansion of the terminal and the rail infrastructure, the course has been set for additional growth in coming years.   

Strong partnerships for strong performance

Around 90 percent of goods on the Silk Road between China and Europe are transported by sea. Thanks to its favourable geographic location at the heart of Europe, Trieste is one of the most important freight handling centres for Central Europe and acts as a hub for land and sea transport. An efficient connection to the Maritime Silk Road and the constant expansion of U.N. Ro-Ro transport operations ensure further growth potential. The Rail Cargo Group cooperates successfully in Italy with business partners including AlpeAdria, T.O. Delta and U.N. Ro-Ro, thereby ensuring a smooth service and high-quality management of transport operations on the rail network.  

Expansion of the transport operations to and from Trieste and Monfalcone

RCG – already one of the top suppliers of intermodal and conventional rail logistics services to and from the Port of Trieste, with a market share of approximately 50 percent – is expanding connections again in 2018. This will link the port via the rail network with new economic regions in Central Europe. The connection to Monfalcone will also be further enhanced. Above all in the automotive sector, the number of transports will be steadily increased during 2018. "Together with our partners in Trieste, we will develop additional logistics solutions with the customers. Through use of new multi-system locomotives and new wagon equipment, we will consistently strengthen our position in Trieste and Monfalcone," says Erik Regter, Member of the Board of the Rail Cargo Group.