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Austria-wide end-to-end logistics service


  • As the backbone of national rail freight transport, the Rail Cargo Group is intensifying its sales activities to strengthen single-wagon transport
  • Customers benefit from the comprehensive service portfolio and a nationwide network

In the second quarter of 2018, the Rail Cargo Group (RCG) is launching an Austria-wide sales offensive with a national customer focus in addition to the ongoing expansion of transport. RCG presents its entire range of end-to-end logistics services – starting with the booking inquiry up to delivery to the final location. The targeted approach of potential customers in the regions of Austria takes place in various industry segments – from wood, paper, building materials and consumer goods through steel, raw materials and automotives to agricultural, mineral oil, chemicals and waste disposal. The aim is to convince companies of the advantages of RCG's rail and its performance portfolio and to thereby shift more and more transport from road to rail.

The strengthening of single-wagon traffic

With a modal split of more than 30%, Austria is the leader in the European Union. This is reflected in the high density of space and an attractive market offering of more than 400 service points, including the personal presence of logistics specialists in the area for national and international rail transport. This range of services as a backbone for single-wagon transport is not only a unique selling proposition for the Rail Cargo Group, but also an essential location factor for the Austrian economy.

RCG is targeting single-wagon traffic on the one hand because, compared to heavy goods vehicles (HGV), trains are more efficient over long distances in terms of personnel and energy. On the other hand, relocating road haulage to rail will relieve traffic on motorways and rural roads while also reducing CO2 emissions. Small quantities in single-wagon transport are therefore bundled together to form a large transport unit, offering end-to-end logistics solutions for all sectors. Among other things, RCG's services include picking up the customer's shipment directly from its location, loading it to rail via HGV pre-carriage, and finally delivering it to the final destination via HGV post-carriage.

Nationwide presence impresses customers

The long-term collaboration with large industrial customers as well as small and medium-sized enterprises strengthens the transport mode of rail sustainably. For example, the collaboration with Forst Holz Papier was extended last year, and wood transport on the environmentally friendly rail is secured until 2020. In addition, RCG's comprehensive logistics service so impressed a Carinthian dairy recently that, instead of transporting its dairy products by HGV, it is now using the environmentally friendly mode of rail traffic.

Area transport is still in demand by the Austrian industry, which is why we are investing in our area distribution. Among other things, this includes capacity management, booking and pricing systems that offer customers increased transparency and flexibility.