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Construction works on the Southern Railway

Due to track construction works and line closures around Semmering, rail freight traffic will be diverted from 11 September for three weeks.

As a result of ÖBB construction work, there will be a temporary line closure between 11 September, 6.05 am and 1 October 2017, 5 pm in the area around Semmering/Südbahn on the section Payerbach - Reichenau - Spital a. Semmering.
Scheduled services and single wagonload consignments will be factored into the diversion plan. Special services will only be planned and run after appropriate capacity checking or in the event of free train path availability.

We request that any delays caused by these events are taken into consideration early on for your planning and scheduling. Your contact partners can provide you with further details.


Overview of the diversion plan

Traffic diversions for the following routes:

  • Graz / Spielfeld-Straß (SZ) zone
    Westbahn – Linz Hbf – Kirchdorf a.d.Krems – Selzthal – Leoben Hbf
    Leoben Hbf – Selzthal – Kleinreifling – St.Valentin – (Amstetten)
  • Villach / Tarvisio Boscoverde / Jesenice zone
    Westbahn – Salzburg Gnigl – Schwarzach St.Veit – Villach

Trains with the destination Breclav – Spielfeld-Straß shall be diverted via the Summerau – Horni Dvoriste border crossing.

Directional operation (to increase capacity)
South – North via Selzthal – Kleinreifling – St.Valentin – (Amstetten)
North – South via Linz Hbf – Kirchdorf a.d.Krems – Selzthal

Diverted trains may only, WITHOUT EXCEPTION, travel with a maximum of 1600 t in the block train segment or a maximum of 1100 t in the primary network segment.

Furthermore, from 11 September 2017, 8.30 am until 9 October 2017, 5 am construction works will take place on the Wartberg – Kindberg section and the measures from the Semmering closure will be used as relief measures.