RCG Facts & Figures

Our 5,763 members of staff from 34 different countries make sure 460,361 trains a year, which makes 1,260 trains a day, reach their destinations safe and sound. Every year, we transport 95 million net tonnes with our efficient end-to-end logistics services and cover 45 million train kilometres on our rail network. Our fleet consists of 732 locomotives and 24,345 freight wagons that travel 28 billion net tonne kilometres a year.

We are present in 18 countries and have 12 international logistics centres and 16 terminals. In 2020, we made sales revenues of 2,2 billion Euro and a pre-tax profit of 7.6 million Euro (EBT). With a modal share of 28.2 % in the entire Austrian freight industry, we are top of the league in Europe, and our services avoid 1.1 million tonnes of CO2 emissions across all of Austria.