Facts & Figures

The Rail Cargo Group is one of the leading rail freight companies in Europe, with a turnover of 2.3 billion Euro, of which more than half of it outside of Austria, an EBT of 23.5 million Euro and approx. 113 million net tonnes of goods transported on its own freight railways.

Our team in the passing lane

Our 8,502 logistics professionals from 34 countries, including 103 apprentices, are shaping the future, both ours and our clients’. They are at work, making us pioneers in our field.

Powerfully connected

With our seamless TransNET, we are connecting people, companies and markets. To that end, Rail Cargo Group covers over 52 million train kilometres every year. That is the equivalent of 1,300 times around the earth.

Every minute

Rail Cargo Group runs almost 512,000 trains a year. Seen another way, we put an average of 1,400 trains per day (one train per minute) on the rails.

Full speed towards responsibility

With every tonne that is transported by rail, we are protecting the environment. In Austria, transport by train is 21 times more climate-friendly than by lorry. Rail makes it happen.


With our smart telematic devices, we analyse every vehicle movement and register all impact shocks. And always in view: the exact location of the freight car.

Special wagon equipment

With a fleet of 25,698 wagons, we are not only connecting the world, but our TransANT system is setting new standards for freight transport. Flexible in design, flexible in use.

Around the clock

Whether single wagons, large containers or entire trains, we connect markets between Europe and Asia, always where we need to be. 24 hours a day. 365 days a year.

Logistics that make sense

We accomplish what our customers expect: powerful, sensible logistics solutions with an intelligent mix of transport options. All you need to do is sit back and let our rail professionals get to work.