Our TransFER between Wolfurt, Austria’s western most terminal, and the Dutch port of Rotterdam connects Western Europe with economic centres in South and Southeastern Europe. In addition, a direct antenna connection to other Austrian terminals is provided.

Two round trips run from Wolfurt via Kufstein to Rotterdam and back. A third round trip is from Rotterdam via Frenkendorf, Switzerland, to Wolfurt. In Frenkendorf there are unloading and loading facilities. This enables us to take transport volumes from Frenkendorf to Wolfurt, from where we link up with our dense intercontinental freight transport network.

Your advantages

  • Direct connection between Wolfurt and Rotterdam v.v.
  • 2 round trips per week between Wolfurt and Rotterdam v.v.
  • 1 round trip from Rotterdam via Frenkendorf to Wolfurt
  • Fixed schedule
  • Attractive transit times
  • Antenna connection to Austrian terminals

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Nenad Stancic
Department Manager Maritime North/West

Mobile: +43 664 2866091

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