Award as TOP training company

The Rail Cargo Group receives the seal of approval of the social partners and the City of Vienna for its apprenticeship training

RCG offers attractive training to become a forwarding merchant

Application deadline for school year 2019/20 running

The Rail Cargo Group  is a multi-award-winning company, recently awarded the Viennese quality label "TOP-Lehrbetrieb". A jury of experts consisting of representatives of the Chamber of Commerce, the Federation of Austrian Industry, the Austrian Trade Union Federation (ÖGB), the Chamber of Labour and the City of Vienna awards this prize to companies for their outstanding and exemplary commitment to apprenticeship training. RCG has already received this seal of approval for the second time and may continue to do so until 2022. RCG HR Manager Peter Truhlarovsky and RCG Apprentice Manager Franz Heißenberger received the award in the presence of Mayor Michael Ludwig at the Vienna City Hall in mid-December. "We invest a great deal in apprenticeship training and operate to the highest quality standards. We are particularly pleased that we have once again been awarded the Vienna Seal of Quality," says Peter Truhlarovsky.

Attractive training

RCG is currently training around 100 apprentices. RCG offers a well-founded apprenticeship in the field of forwarding and logistics. Through six-month job rotations, the young colleagues gain insights into different areas of the internationally active company. RCG also focuses on innovative and future-oriented aspects of training, for example by promoting foreign languages, seminars on personality development or the integration of new media. The "RCG Europe Weeks" are a special highlight: apprentices with very good results have the opportunity to complete a four-week internship in another RCG European company and thus gain experience abroad during their training.

Motivated apprentices

The RCG apprentices themselves are also among the best of their year. In 2018, around ten percent of all RCG apprentices were honoured with prizes - at the Stars of Styria, the Braunau Vocational School, the Vorarlberg Chamber of Commerce and the Vienna Commercial Youth Vocational Competition. These awards show that the apprentices are highly motivated and that RCG sets the right course as an instructor.

The registration phase is underway

Interested candidates can apply for the teaching start in September 2019 until the end of February 2019. RCG offers around 30 apprenticeships for the occupation of freight forwarding clerk. Further information can be found under: