3,000 semi-trailer for Ekol Kft on track

A collaboration between Ekol and Rail Cargo Hungaria relieves the roads of thousands of trucks.

The Hungarian logistics company Ekol Kft is fully committed to environmentally friendly rail transport, and therefore relies on Rail Cargo Hungaria (RCH), for its logistics. At the beginning of June 2018, the transport of semi-trailers with 4 round trips per week began. The trailers are thereby transported from the Hungarian capital Budapest to Neuss, Germany. 10 semi-trailers are transported per train. Traction is provided by RCH’s own locomotives. This ensures a consistent, high-quality, international operation. At the Rail Cargo Terminal BILK in Budapest, the trailers are lifted onto the wagons via a crane, before they begin their 1,200 kilometre-long journey by rail. Tractors await the trailers at the Neuss terminal and transport the goods to their final destination.

On 3rd July, László Mosóczi, the Hungarian State Secretary for Transport from the Ministry of Innovation and Technology approved the 3,000 semi-trailer in the presence of Rail Cargo Group Board Member Imre Kovács. By doing so, he emphasized the importance of rail freight transport for a healthy climate. It is of course the European Union's aim to increase rail freight transport to 30 % by 2030. At around 20 %, Hungary is already in an average position within Europe. This is why he highly values companies such as Ekol, which recognise the advantages of combining two modes of transport, road and rail, as an alternative solution to pure road freight transport, and which rely on an environmentally friendly rail freight option for their logistics.