Construction work on the Passau–Nuremberg route section

There are currently transport delays between Passau and Nuremberg due to construction work until 3 July. ÖBB RCG is committed to ensuring the smooth transport of goods as quickly as possible as a reliable partner.

The safety of people and goods is a top priority for us at ÖBB Rail Cargo Group. That is why we are taking special care in the current construction work on the route section between Passau and Nuremberg to ensure that all the people and goods concerned reach their destination safely and undamaged.  

This unfortunately creates transport delays for single wagonload traffic along the aforementioned route. The construction work is scheduled to run until 3 July.
The current backlog in the single wagonload system means that further restrictions cannot be ruled out until approximately the end of calendar week 27. We are working intensively with our partners to restore smooth goods transport to its usual level.

Customers will receive information on affected services from their customer advisor.