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A new era in freight traffic begins

With the total completion of the significantly expanded ÖBB freight centre, Wolfurt is now offering even more capacity, efficiency and service. The new terminal logistics ensure even faster handling of all handling processes: Enormous added value for the economy and the environment.

Expansion commenced in December 2014; an inevitable step resulting from increasing demand and the changed market needs. The work was carried out during running operations in three major construction phases.

A major driver for the local economy

The new freight centre creates huge added value for the highly export-oriented Vorarlberg economy and for the Lake Constance region as a whole. It ensures that ÖBB will once again live up to its role as Austria's largest construction and business force. Just over 60 million euros were invested in the project through the Austrian Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology (BMVIT) framework. In addition, 50% of the planning was funded by the European Union. Today, the Wolfurt goods centre offers 1700 full container storage spaces in the immediate crane area along with 3500 empty container storage spaces in the northern area of the goods centre. The surface area was extended by around 50% to 106,000 m². This provides enough capacity for the future challenges in rail freight transport.

New container loading tracks and new cranes

One essential feature of the expansion measures carried out at the Wolfurt freight centre is the complete redesign of the track configuration. The aim was to bring all container trains to the craneable area without moving the wagons. With the total completion, the container trains can enter the facility directly from the open track. This completely eliminates the time required for the shift. At the heart of the facility are the four container tracks, measuring up to 750 metres in length, which are each installed every 600 meters from the two giant container cranes in the latest "Made in Vorarlberg" design. The new container crane guarantees the fast and efficient manipulation of the container from the road and rail as well as from one train to another. In total, the potential capacity in the field of container handling was increased to around 190,000 transport units per year.

Eco award for new ÖBB building in Wolfurt

The ecological design of the logistics zone was particularly important during the expansion. Building sustainability was incorporated into every step of the planning, with fantastic results: the entire planning process along with the construction of the workshop were presented with an award from the "Austrian Society for Sustainable Construction". Through their initiative, the ÖBB also contributes to attaining the Austrian climate goals in Wolfurt.