“Digitally Competent Families” award seal of quality

With over 2,000 apprentices and 25 apprenticeship trades, Austrian Federal Railways is one of the country’s largest training enterprises, and has earned national recognition on multiple occasions.

The Group proved this once again yesterday evening: On 31 October the Rail Cargo Group’s trainees were awarded the “Digitally Competent Families” seal of quality. The seal of quality is an initiative of the Federal Ministry for Women, Families and Youth, and its aim is to strengthen companies in their handling of the digital media. The “From Digital Immigrant to Digital Native” RCG apprenticeship project was submitted.

With their workshop on the subject of “Using digital media in everyday working life”, the Rail Cargo Group’s trainees in freight forwarding were able to convince the expert jury - consisting of experts in a wide range of areas and recognised specialists in media education.

During the course of the workshops, the trainees worked on breaking down existing prejudices regarding media behaviour and familiarising themselves with the material. The aim was for young people to recognise their potential in dealing with digital media and to be able to increase their media skills in the Austrian Federal Railways Group. They will be using what they have learnt to be able to find their place and pass their skills on in a social setting.

Sustainable know-how

A further aim is the urgently required transfer of knowledge between young and old. Joint workshops to expand media competence enabled the “Digital Immigrants” to learn new skills from the trainees, giving them a change of perspective. This is of particular significance in view of the impending change of generation - around 10,000 employees of Austrian Federal Railways will be retiring next year on the grounds of old age. This should bring a great many opportunities for new and young colleagues!