Effie for TransANT

Already shortlisted to win this year’s prize

Since 1968, the EFFIE Awards have been among the most coveted worldwide awards for advertising and market communication. Winning an EFFIE is a global symbol of success, because EFFIE recognizes what business is willing to show financial commitment for: effectiveness and efficiency! We submitted our communications campaign to TransANT and made it through the two-stage adjudication process.

Project submitted: TransANT

TransANT scores with lightweight construction, flexibility and sustainable freight transport. Together with voestalpine, the strong brand presence of TransANT revolutionizes rail freight transport. Effie stands for ideas that work: The product idea was planned on paper, prototypes were produced, TransANT gave the whole thing an innovative name that was very comprehensible in keeping with the brand promise, and today the first finished wagons are being delivered to customers.


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Already a shower of awards

The marketing objectives, especially in the area of promoting wagon innovation, were more than exceeded. This is proven by renowned awards and nominations such as Winner at the German Brand Award for the TransANT Product Launch in the category Excellence in Brand Strategy and Creation - Brand Communication - Brand Events, 1st place at the EVA B2B-Event-Award of WEKA Industrie Medien in the category "Best Product Presentation" 2018, the nomination for the Innovation Award 2018 of Privatbahn Magazine or 3rd place at the Sustainability Award Logistics 2019 of the Federal Association for Logistics in the category Sustainability. Particularly in the industry, we have attracted attention with this innovation through a lot of feedback from customers and partners and have completely repositioned ourselves.

We are very pleased that with our campaign "innovative platform wagon TransANT revolutionizes rail freight transport" we are among the shortlisted places in the category Industrial and Investment Goods category at this year's EFFIE Awards. We will find out whether we will win it on 16 October.

Stay tuned!

Info at: https://www.iaa-austria.at/short-list-2019/