Environmentally friendly transport for AGRANA

AGRANA’s sugar beet campaign relies on rail transport and avoids 50,000 truck journeys. The Rail Cargo Group has delivered 1.25 million tonnes of beets to the sugar refineries in Leopoldsdorf and Tulln.

AGRANA is relying on the Rail Cargo Group’s raw material transport as part of its current sugar beet campaign to support environmentally friendly, sustainable transport development. This year, 1.25 million tonnes, or 58 percent, of Austria’s sugar beets were transported in freight wagons to the two sugar refineries in Leopoldsdorf and Tulln.

Out of the total transport volumes, the amount transported by rail has risen by around ten percent more than last year. The annual ecological impact of this transport volume is just as significant. All the sugar beets transported by rail have avoided around 50,000 truck journeys and in turn, have spared the environment 8,150 tonnes of emissions (CO2 equivalent).

Top of the league in rail transport

When it comes to the number of kilometres the sugar beets travel within Austria, rail transport’s share comes in at 80 percent this year. In its two sugar refineries in Leopoldsdorf and Tulln, AGRANA processed around 2.1 million tonnes of domestic sugar beets this year. With a daily throughput of around 24,000 tonnes of sugar beets, the campaign will be completed by the middle of January.