And the Oscar goes to…

TransANT - the completely new wagon concept of the voestalpine and Rail Cargo Group - has already caused a sensation. In mid-September it made its big appearance at a product launch event. On 13 December, the bombastic event received the EVA Award 2018.

Over a hundred entries competed for the EVA Award. After last year's success, WEKA Industrie Medien organised the EVA B2B-Event-Award for the second time. Projects from a wide variety of B2B events were shown and successful event management was rewarded. The invited guests and the expert jury of the big gala night undertook a journey "back to the future". On the screen of the horticultural cinema in Vienna, which remained in the style of the 1950s, the participants got an impression of what our customers and the press were already able to experience live in mid-September: The presentation of our trend-setting development of a standardised platform wagon, which set new standards in railway logistics due to its modular as well as industry-specific construction possibilities. They became part of an emotional product presentation of TransANT. It was precisely the unique staging what convinced the expert jury of WEKA Industrie Medien and awarded the Rail Cargo Group first prize in the "Best Product Presentation" category.

A short excerpt from our Product Launch Event

The construction of the TransANT were inspired by nature and the characteristics of an ant and gave us the inspiration to organise a bombastic and effective presentation of the wagon that revolutionizes international rail freight transport. As venue and event location we chose voestalpine's cutting hall in Linz - the birthplace of TransANT. Where the components of the car frame are cut from high-strength steels, the guests struggled to experience TransANT live. 3D animations turned technical and conceptual explanations of the TransANT development into a visual experience. The board members of RCG and voestalpine explained why TransANT will turn the wagon market of the future upside down. And why weight advantages, lower emissions and flexibility in construction and use now carry a new name. Then the guests had the opportunity to view the bright red TransANT from all sides. After all, these are terms that are decisive for the direction and future of rail freight traffic and represent decision-making criteria for customers when choosing their logistics partner.