First connection between Xi'an and Budapest

Establishment of a regular connection between China and the BILK terminal

Transport duration from 10 to 12 days

Record time: Within 10 days the first train from Xi'an arrived at Rail Cargo Terminal - BILK via the Záhony-Eperjeske transhipment station. The container train with consumer goods covered more than 7,000 km on the route via Kazakhstan and the Ukraine. Starting point was the city of Xi'an, a mega city with 13 million inhabitants.

Great potential for Eurasian traffic

Between Rail Cargo Terminal-BILK and Xi'an, the Rail Cargo Group is the first railway undertaking to have handled a train to this route. The test train on the alternative route via the Chinese-Kazakh border crossing Alashankou/Dostyk and the Ukrainian border via Batjevo/Eperjeske was operated by RCG. With a transit time of only 10 days, customers benefit from a turnaround time. RCG has thus reached a new standard in Eurasian container traffic.

The Rail Cargo Group operates several regular routes between Europe and Asia. Goods from China are mainly transported to Hungary via the port of Piraeus or the Adriatic ports, and partly also via the continental corridors. On average, trains leave the seaports for Central Europe every other day.