First departure of the TransFER China–Vienna off to a successful start

With the first LCL transport on 19/11 from Xi’an, the Rail Cargo Group is expanding its portfolio to include another attractive transport service for Less than Container Loads along the Silk Road to Vienna.

The first departure of the Rail Cargo Group’s new TransFER China–Vienna for Less than Container Loads (LCL) got underway on 19/11. On this route, it is now also possible to send individual cargo shipments in consolidated containers between Europe and Asia.

This transport covers around 9,600 kilometres of rail and has a transit time of 18 to 20 days. Goods can be transported directly from Xi’an over the Chinese-Kazakh border at Dostyk and on to Vienna. From there, they can be efficiently distributed further across the Rail Cargo Group’s European TransNET.

Between Europe and Asia

The RCG is thus expanding its comprehensive service portfolio on the Eurasian continent and is strengthening Less than Container Load (LCL) transport between Austria and China on the environmentally friendly railways. The connection provides both an affordable alternative to air freight and a fast alternative to sea freight between Asia and Europe.

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