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International in-house conference

In collaboration with the Community of European Railways CER and the international railway association UIC, the Rail Cargo Group extended an invitation to the high-level freight meeting last month.

Around 55 CEOs of the freight transport industry gathered at ÖBB’s headquarters and took the opportunity to discuss numerous topics relating to rail freight transport. Chairman Clemens Först, CEO of Rail Cargo Group, CER Executive Director Libor Lochman and UIC General Director Jean-Pierre Loubinoux gave an overview of the rail freight market. After all, we will be faced with major challenges for rail freight transport in the future. The European land transport market is an important economic sector with a massive impact on the environment and society. Volume growth of 30% is expected by 2030, with a high affinity for the road. The vision is to lead rail freight transport into a powerful, efficient and sustainable backbone transport system for the European logistics industry. We are well equipped for this with reliable end-to-end logistics solutions between Europe and Asia.