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The stories of the Kings & Queens

Our clients are the centre of everything we do. We provide end-to-end logistics solutions, 365 days a year for them. They include both large industrial and regional companies - they are the Kings & Queens, whom we dedicate the entire summer.

Gerald Reisinger, Head of Logistics OMV

„The OMV benefits in particular from the country-specific expertise of RCG.“
The RCG is strongly represented in those countries where we are mainly active. They therefore have a great country-specific expertise. For example, if there is a strike in Italy, the RCG still tries to carry out the transport on schedule.

Martin Pignet, Dispatcher Logistics Kärntnermilch

"Special transports require absolute punctuality"
We are experts for special transports such as food, chilled and bulk goods that have to reach their destination on time. The customer Kärntnermilch appreciates this service quality. All 126 Kärntnermilch wagons sent by rail last year reached their destination precisely.

Harald Hauke, Austria Glas Recycling

"With the RCG we reach our sustainability goals" 
Shards of glass roll on rails to the sorting plant. Austria Glas Recycling (AGR) has relied on the service of the Rail Cargo Group for many years. The RCG transports more than 110,000 tonnes of waste glass by rail every year. This means conserving resources combined with environmentally friendly transport.

Helfried Schinnerl, MAGNA

"Reliability creates trust" 
And trust results in long-term cooperation. Like the one between the RCG and MAGNA. We talked to Helfried Schinnerl, who has a long-standing business relationship with the RCG. As the person responsible for Transport & Customs, he talks about why reliability is an indispensable factor in the logistics sector.

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