Vanessa Langhammer is FEMtech expert of the month

In order to make the achievements of women in research and technology visible, the BMVIT has been awarding prizes to women from the FEMtech expert database since 2005.

The BMVIT supports women in research and development with the aim of creating equal opportunities in industrial and non-university research. FEMtech is engaged in activities to raise awareness, make women visible and promote their careers in research and technology.

The logistics sector is facing numerous fundamental changes as a result of digitalisation. The Rail Cargo Group is also working intensively on digitisation offensives, which comprise the entire rail freight traffic of ÖBB in Europe. Vanessa Langhammer, Head of Digitalisation at RCG, and her team are contributing decisively to this.

Vanessa Langhammer is also very committed to equal opportunities. She is therefore involved as a mentor in the Cross Mentoring Programme in order to accompany other women from partner groups such as ASFINAG & Wiener Stadtwerke in their professional careers.

The full article can be found on the website of the BMVIT (only available in German)

Digitalisierung auf Schiene: Vanessa Langhammer ist FEMtech-Expertin des Monats