Live ticker for cutting down CO2 emissions

Rail is the way forward – the safe way forward. Rail freight transport is reliable and good for the environment. Now you can track live how much CO2 our logistics customers are saving. Every single second.

We at the ÖBB are the largest climate protection company in Austria. The CO2 savings that our environmentally friendly rail transport services make possible on a daily basis are what really make a difference. Large quantities of CO2 are saved every time our customers' goods travel by rail instead of by truck. As rail logistics specialists, we have a great responsibility to increase the rail transport market – our responsibility towards people, society and the environment. Every tonne we transport by rail creates value for generations to come.

In addition, the ÖBB operates in Austria with 100 % green traction current. This also saves much more CO2 than covering the same distance in Austria by truck. By 11 December 2019, we saved a total of 1,321,082 tonnes CO2 through rail freight transport services handled through and within Austria in Europe. Starting from now, you can track live how much CO2 our logistics customers are saving – every single second. As of 1 January 2020, we will start from zero again. Feel free to take a look – you will see it getting greener by the second. One train at a time.

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