New connections in the country triangle

With two new train connections in the triangle, we are strengthening the southern port traffic and thus the port connection to and from Trieste.

Trieste is not only one of the most important hubs for European import and export and thus for freight traffic, but also plays a major role for transports to the Far East due to its direct connection to the Maritime Silk Road. The port is the heart of Italy's economic area. For Austria it is one of the main ports. For this reason, the port has also been of central importance to the Rail Cargo Group in its international network for many years. We already offer the full range of transport services with regular connections on high-frequency routes. In 2018, more than 3,300 trains were handled by us at Trieste Freeport alone. And the trend is rising. At the beginning of April, we are now putting two further fixed timetable connections between Austria and Italy on track. With our weekly TransFER Wolfurt-Trieste, we are creating a non-stop connection to the Adriatic port. In addition, with the TransFER Trieste-Vienna-Linz-Trieste, a round trip in a triangle, we are not only expanding our network between the terminals, but are also shortening transit times to and from the southern port and strengthening intermodal traffic in Austria.

Rail Cargo Group at the Port of Trieste

Trieste has been an important hub for the Rail Cargo Group for almost 25 years for transports to and from Austria and the hinterland of Europe. See for yourself!