New intermodal connections

We are strengthening our network with three new non-stop connections to the Netherlands, to Northern Italy and between Turkey and Poland. This significantly reduces the transit times between the terminals.

With the new non-stop connection between the Vienna South freight centre and Piadena, we are expanding our service to the south with two round trips per week. The connection is ideal for the transition from road to rail.

The terminal Piadena is conveniently located in the catchment area of Verona, Brescia, Parma and Cremona. The Wien Süd freight centre, located directly on the southern route in Austria and on three trans-European rail axes, also offers an ideal connection to Hungary, Slovakia, Romania and Bulgaria. This non-stop connection not only enables the networking of important economic regions, but also creates ideal logistics solutions for continental transport units, which are of particular interest to customers in the tank container and trailer sector.

With the second direct connection from Budapest–Rotterdam we are expanding our service between Hungary and the Netherlands with two round trips per week. Rotterdam is a major port in Europe and is considered as a important hub for both imports and exports. The Bilk bimodal terminal in Budapest is the largest terminal in Hungary and offers optimal transshipment possibilities from road to rail. This non-stop connection significantly shortens the transit time from Budapest to Rotterdam and provides tankers and trailer customers with a sustainable transport solution. Not only do we connect Hungary with the Netherlands, but we also connect Western Europe with southern and south-eastern Europe.

With our non-stop connection Lodz–Istanbul, we are expanding the network between Poland and Turkey with one round trip per week, and are thereby creating a direct connection to Turkey's most important international freight terminal. This will enable us to connect economic centers throughout Eastern, Southern and Southeastern Europe. For transports between Europe and Asia, Istanbul forms the decisive freight traffic hub and connection to the southern Silk Road. In doing so, we create ideal logistics solutions for continental transport units.

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Vienna–PiadenaMatthias Köfler+43 664 2865334
Budapest–RotterdamNenad Stancic+43 664 2866091
Lodz–IstanbulRafi Papo+43 664 6174055

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