New non-stop connection between Verona and Lübeck

The new TransFER Verona–Lübeck offers a direct, non-stop intermodal connection between Northern Italy and the North German Hanseatic City of Lübeck. This enables us to provide optimal logistics solutions for transports to and from the Scandinavian region.

This new connection enables us to expand the scope of our service to Northern Italy with two round trips per week. In addition, this TransFER provides an important link to the North Eastern European region, since the main part of the shipments via Lübeck come from Scandinavia or is destined for this market. In addition, we are creating ideal logistics solutions for transport to and from Sweden, Finland and Norway by means of the rail, ferry and feeder ship routes available at Lübeck. This means we are connecting important economic regions in Italy, Germany, North Eastern Europe, but also Scandinavia – and all this on the environmentally friendly railways.

Everything from a single source

Our customers benefit from continuous handling and shorter transport times, because we are the sole traction provider for the trains. What is more, the environment benefits from reduced CO2 emissions; thanks to this new intermodal non-stop train connection and shifting freight transport to the environmentally friendly railways, we not only relieve the roads from the burdens of truck traffic and the population from noise pollution, but are also making a significant contribution to climate protection. The vicious cycle of transit traffic on the Brenner route shows no sign of stopping, so transporting tarpaulin and refrigerated trailers, containers as well as tank containers in a two-weekly round trip on the environmentally friendly railways relieves heavily affected transit countries like Austria of the 6,144 truck journeys that take place on this route.

TransFER Verona–Lübeck