New wooden block train from Trento via Brenner to Wörgl

The Rail Cargo Group transports around 7 million cubic metres of solid logs per year. This makes the logistics professional of the ÖBB Group the largest timber transporter in Central Europe.

The Pfeifer Group, headquartered in Tyrol, is an important partner in this segment. With a new wooden block train from Trento to Wörgl, the successful cooperation was further intensified.

Pfeifer Group relies on Rail Cargo Group as its logistics partner

An important partner in this segment is the Pfeifer Group, headquartered in Tyrol. In transport logistics, the Pfeifer Group has been relying on the reliable services of the railways for years. Almost half of the roundwood required at the Kundl plant is now delivered via the Rail Cargo Group – and the trend continues to rise. "In transport logistics, it is very important for us to cooperate with reliable partners who react quickly and flexibly to our needs. This is why we have been relying on the experience and services of the Rail Cargo Group for years when it comes to transport routes by rail. We are particularly pleased that we were able to further strengthen the good and successful cooperation with the new block train, which has been operated between Trento and Wörgl since March 2019," explains

The block train, which is operated by Rail Cargo Carrier - Italy, will initially run once a week. An extension to two block trains per week is planned. With a total of 16 wagons per train, around 1,000 tonnes of roundwood will be transported sustainably and environmentally friendly to Wörgl, where it will then be processed in the Kundl plant. "If we are with the planned two block trains per week, that means around 9,000 fewer truck journeys across the Brenner Pass," Michael Pfeifer continues.

Image: f.l. Martin Mairhofer, Key account manager RCG, Michael Pfeifer, CEO Pfeifer Holding, Herbert Stöckl, logistics manager Pfeifer Group

Daily between 30 and 40 wagons with round timber to Kundl

With the advantages of a one-stop shop, Rail Cargo Group meets the high demands of the timber industry. For the Pfeifer Group, around 900,000 tonnes of timber are currently delivered by rail in an environmentally friendly manner each year. This means an increase of around 30 % compared to 2017 or, expressed in total, around 36,000 fewer truck journeys on the road. But also from Germany and Switzerland as well as a small part from Slovenia and the Czech Republic and since March from Trentino, the round timber is delivered by rail to Kundl.