ÖBB RCG and EGGER save the environment from more than 700 tonnes of CO2 emissions

Transporting glue sustainably by rail eliminates the need for more than 3,500 truck journeys every year. EGGER will continue to rely on climate-friendly rail transport in the future following the extension of its contract and thanks to the RCG’s new wagon design.

The long-standing partnership between the wood-based materials manufacturer EGGER and the ÖBB Rail Cargo Group will continue this year. By transporting its glue products to its Austrian factories sustainably by rail, more than 3,500 truck journeys can be avoided and more than 700 tonnes of CO2 emissions can be saved per year. Not only do the two companies thereby make a significant contribution to environmental protection, they also play their part in achieving Austria's, and by extension Europe's, climate protection targets.  

New wagon design for EGGER

In addition to sustainable glue transportation by rail, EGGER and the ÖBB Rail Cargo Group are also putting their weight behind a new design of wagon for handling the shipments. The wagons, some of which are more than 30 years old, will gradually be replaced by new, more modern tank wagons in the future. The first eight test wagons have already been in operation since 2018 and the next seven are due to follow this year in May and June, with the eventual aim of replacing all the old wagons.

By employing the latest technical standards, such as a gas displacement system, the new wagons make a significant contribution to increasing worker safety and boosting productivity during transportation. Their modern design with a lower bottom valve and a bend in the boiler allows the wagons, which have a transport volume of between 66 and 68 tonnes, to be operated from the ground and to be emptied completely.

Contract extension to 2024

EGGER has been a stable partner of RCG for years for wood supply on sustainable rail. The recent extension of the contract until 2024 is intended to further deepen the successful cooperation between the two companies. Over the next three years, around 90,000 tonnes of glue or chemical raw materials for chipboard production will be transported by rail to the production sites of the leading wood-based materials manufacturer in Lower Austria and Tyrol. As a result, ÖBB Rail Cargo Group will be contributing to further reducing the carbon footprint of the steadily growing and globally active family-owned company both in the production process and in the transport chain.