ÖBB Rail Cargo Group sponsors trees

ÖBB RCG is sponsoring a total of 888 trees as part of the cooperation with the company Plant-my-Tree. These will offset 888 tonnes of CO₂ during their lifetime and make a valuable contribution to achieving the climate targets.

The Rail Cargo Group is the sustainable logistics backbone of the economy – for a liveable Europe. We are already on track for a green future, as we have been investing in clean sources of traction current for years. We have been running on 100 per cent green electricity in Austria since 2018, and in Germany since the beginning of 2021 – other countries are to follow in the next few years.

The Rail Cargo Group in Germany is now going one step further and becoming a tree sponsor. The company Plant-my-Tree, which has been conducting reforestation projects to compensate for CO2 emissions throughout Germany since 2009, is our cooperation partner for this project and attaches particular importance to a high level of biodiversity. Local conditions are taken into account and, if possible, mixed forests are planted that will still provide a natural habitat for flora and fauna in a few decades' time. Long-term climate protection goals are underlined by sustainable tree planting and planned project durations of at least 99 years, during which no deforestation or economic use is to take place. Cenk Seringölge, Managing Director of Rail Cargo Logistics - Germany, is delighted about the forward-looking cooperation: "You can tell that Plant-my-Tree employs people who care about German forests just as much as we do."

RCL-DE attached particular importance to selecting areas that are located in Germany and that will be opened to the public after the afforestation is completed. This way, everyone can see for themselves that the planted trees are thriving.