ÖBB signs the WWF CLIMATE GROUP Charta

Joint initiatives to move more freight on to the rails

The ÖBB, our passengers and our rail freight customers save 3.5 million tonnes of CO2 in Austria every single year. This makes the ÖBB the largest eco-friendly business in the country. That is good in itself but, with our far-reaching ÖBB climate protection strategy, we want to broaden our scope as the number one eco-friendly company. That is why the ÖBB and WWF have agreed to join forces as part of the WWF CLIMATE GROUP Charter. Together, we want to get better and better at protecting the environment and becoming more ecologically sustainable.

ÖBB is taking environmental protection to the next level

CEO Andreas Matthä’s official signature on the WWF CLIMATE GROUP Charter takes our active commitment to protecting the environment to the next level.

The focus is on creating joint initiatives to increase the volume of freight transported by rail. “The ÖBB is Austria’s largest eco-friendly business. With our skills and experience, we want to make a great contribution to the WWF CLIMATE GROUP, and to develop more initiatives for protecting the environment with our partners. The transport industry is the perfect candidate; every single tonne of goods that is transported by rail instead of by road reduces CO2 emissions with immediate effect,” says ÖBB CEO Andreas Matthä.

WWF Austria: a strong partner against global warming

When it comes to creating sustainable business models and using natural resources, the ÖBB and WWF are in perfect alignment. The WWF CLIMATE GROUP unites climate trailblazers and thus promotes dialogue across a wide spectrum of industries. The ÖBB is looking forward to new impulses for sustainable projects and joint initiatives dedicated to protecting the environment.

“Without a doubt, the climate crisis is one of the biggest challenges in our world today, and with the newest member of the WWF CLIMATE GROUP, the ÖBB, we are seeking out realistic counter-measures which can be realistically implemented by each company. It is not only about doing more to protect the environment and to save energy; we have to find better ways of protecting the natural world. Healthy ecosystems and biological biodiversity are some of the best safeguards we have against the climate crisis,” states Andrea Johanides, CEO of WWF Austria.