RCG and FESCO put rapeseed oil on the rails

Rail Cargo Group and FESCO Transport Group have jointly organized the first multimodal transport of rapeseed oil in containers equipped with flexi-tanks from Krasnoyarsk, the third largest city in Siberia, to the Chinese port of Nantong.

Comprehensive logistics packages with end-to-end logistics solutions are becoming increasingly important on the Chinese market. After all, the Chinese market is one of the most up-and-coming when it comes to the export of Russian goods, especially food. This is why the Rail Cargo Group in Russia also relies on international rail, container and truck transport to Russia, Turkey and even to China. And for every industry. In order to implement sustainable and efficient logistics solutions and to expand environmentally friendly container transport services from Siberia to China, an agreement was signed last year with both FESCO Transportation Group, the largest intermodal transport company in Russia and the Russian export centre at the Economic Forum in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia.

First transport services up and running

The first batch of goods were sent in March. Along with our partner, FESCO Integrated Transport, Ltd., we organized a container transport with a volume of 216 tonnes from Krasnoyarsk, located on the Trans-Siberian Railway, to the port of Nantong, Jiangsu province in China. The ten containers and the rapeseed oil loaded in flexi-tanks were first transported by rail from the terminal in Krasnoyarsk to the Port of Vladivostok on the Pacific coast of Russia. The regular sea line FESCO China Express then took the containers to the Port of Shanghai, where they were transported by barge on the river to the Port of Nantong. The rapeseed oil reached its destination on 17th March after 35 days in transit. Both business partners aim to create further stable and reliable transport services.