RCG combines customer orientation with climate protection

Large-scale customer survey shows that customers are banking on long-term partnership

Freight transport by rail is the economic engine and sustainability booster all in one

Freight transport and environmental protection go hand in hand - after all, rail causes 21 times less CO2 emissions than trucks. This is a clear advantage that many customers of the Rail Cargo Group appreciate. In the course of a large-scale customer survey, customer focus and climate protection were combined. For each interview and customer feedback, RCG donates an amount to the World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF).

Service is a top priority

Last year the Rail Cargo Group launched a large-scale survey. In a first step, more than 560 customers in 12 countries were asked about RCG and its services. In addition, more than 190 expert interviews were conducted with customers in 15 countries. Each returned questionnaire and each interview was documented with a donation amount for the WWF.

For an economy in harmony with nature

The World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF) is one of the largest nature and environmental protection organisations in the world. It has offices in 80 countries and implements projects for nature and climate protection with over 6,000 full-time employees in a total of 150 countries. Globally, almost 6 million people support the WWF - including the ÖBB Group.

It is no coincidence that RCG and WWF are working together. Rail is already a safer and more environmentally friendly mode of transport. In addition, ÖBB has been relying on renewable energies such as hydropower for a long time – and the European Rail Freight Forward initiative, which aims to raise awareness of rail freight transport with Noah's Train.

Rail Freight Forward: Raising awareness of a common goal

"Traffic is the biggest and fastest lever to save CO2. In Europe, the transport market will grow by a further 30 % by 2030. We must make every effort to ensure that this growth takes place largely by rail. Our customers make their contribution every day by transporting their goods by rail," says RCG CEO Clemens Först. "The climate and our environment concern us all. As an environmentally friendly company, RCG is therefore happy to support organisations such as the WWF that initiate projects to protect our planet," says Först. After successfully completing the project, he handed over a cheque for EUR 6,000 to Thomas Kaissl, WWF Head of Economics & Environment.