RCG increases its transport volumes for Salinen Austria

The Rail Cargo Group has been able to set up additional transport services for Salinen Austria AG in Hungary, Italy and Croatia in a matter of days, securing supplies in the food, pharmaceutical and cleaning industries.

In light of the challenges currently facing international freight transport, Rail Cargo Group has been able to significantly ramp up its transport services for Salinen Austria. Additional rail transport services were arranged in a matter of days and the goods reached their destination in Hungary within just one week. This means that it is possible to secure essential supplies for the food, pharmaceutical and cleaning industries on an international scale.

“The Rail Cargo Group was able to overcome the current challenges in international freight transport by arranging rail transport services for us within a matter of days. This means that we are able to continue delivering salt to Hungary, Italy and Croatia, where it is needed to support the countries’ critical infrastructure, particularly in times like these,” explains Peter Untersperger, CEO of Salinen Austria AG.

Increased transport volumes in Hungary, Italy and Croatia

Every single year, the Rail Cargo Group transports more than 300 000 tonnes of salt all over Austria and to Italy, Romania, Slovakia, North Macedonia and Serbia. The current border restrictions for trucks in Hungary have led to a further 50 000 tonnes being shifted to the rails. This equates to between 50 and 60 truckloads per week, and they are essential for provisions in Hungary. Transport services in Italy have also been significantly ramped up from 15 to 20 wagons per week. What is more, a new route to Zagreb/Croatia running two to three times per week has also been arranged for wagons and groups of wagons.

“In these challenging times, we are particularly aware of our responsibility to keep the flow of goods moving; we are introducing new products for our customers and can increase our existing capacities, for the very purpose of securing supplies on an international scale,” emphasizes Clemens Först, CEO of the Rail Cargo Group.