RCG speaks now Italian and Russian as well

The need for sustainable logistics solutions on the Italian and Russian markets is growing. This makes it more important for us to speak the language of our customers. Therefore is railcargo.com now available in Italian and Russian.

Rail Cargo Group's home market is Austria and Hungary, but it is however at home throughout Europe and on its way to Asia. As international as we are, as multicultural is our team - an increasingly important key factor. Logistics professionals from 34 nations in 18 countries shape our future and with that the future of our customers. In our opinion, it is precisely this colourful mix of know-how and a distinct spirit of innovation that makes us unique and rather pioneers in our industry.

In addition to Italy, Russia - the largest country in the world in terms of area, stretching across Europe and Asia and from the Pacific to the Atlantic - is an important market for Rail Cargo Group's logistics activities. Rail transport to and from Asia via the new Silk Road is booming. For this reason, RCG has been constantly intensifying its transport activities on the Chinese-European axis since last year, thus offering end-to-end logistics services between the two continents. It is therefore also important to speak the language of our customers and to be present on the market in the respective national language. For this reason, we are continuously expanding our website and the language selection of it as well. The RCG website is now available in Italian and Russian. We already speak seven languages. Many more will follow.