ROLA CO2 emissions savings can now be viewed

Track live how much CO2 gets saved on the Rolling Road.

The total amount of CO2 emissions saved by all our ROLA customers can now be found online on the ROLA website homepage. Every ROLA journey increases the reduces the size of your carbon footprint. And the results are impressive.

In addition, individual customers can now also find out how much CO2 their specific transport has saved. Every ROLA customer can view their personal CO2 emissions savings on a quarterly basis in the ROLA Online Booking Center (OBC). A personal CO2 certificate with your annual CO2 emissions savings can also be created on request.

Are you a ROLA customer and would like to view your personal CO2 report but don’t yet have access to the OBC? You can submit your request to view your personal CO2 report here.

Notes about calculations
The calculations showing the impact of CO2 emissions were made with the support of ÖBB Holding and the Environment Agency Austria (UBA) in 2019 and correspond to the figures recorded in the ÖBB Environment Report. Average load weights were used to make the calculations. The self-weight of trucks was not included in calculations. This is authorised, according to the Austrian UBA. The amount of saved CO2 emissions is based on the difference between the level of CO2 emissions produced by a journey by road compared to the CO2 emissions produced by a ROLA journey with the same point of departure and arrival. NB.; the Wörgl–Brenner and Brenner–Wörgl route: the additional fuel output for trucks during hill ascents and reduced output during hill descents was taken into special consideration.