Rolling Road of the Rail Cargo Group between Salzburg and Trieste-Fernetti resumed

Due to pleasingly high demand, the connection of the Rolling Road between Salzburg and Trieste-Fernetti was resumed two months after its cessation. From now on, six trains per week will run on the route again.


Around 6,000 HGVs will switch from road to rail again each year. Following the cessation of the connection at the end of March, the previous operator U.N.Ro-Ro received enquiries and a high demand for services, especially from Turkish carriers. The Turkish logistics company therefore decided, in cooperation with the Rail Cargo Group (RCG), to resume the Rolling Road (ROLA) between Salzburg and the port of Trieste.

Increased use of the ISU system

Discontinuation took place in March because many freighters were making increasing use of the innovative ISU system between Wels and Trieste-Fernetti. This system involves separating the trailer and tractor of an HGV from each other; the trailer is loaded onto the wagon by crane using special equipment, the tractor is not. At the destination, the trailer is unloaded according to the same principle and then coupled to a new tractor. This system enables non-craneable semi-trailers to be transported by rail. After the start of ISU traffic between the port of Trieste and the terminal at Wels, connections were increased from an initial 3-4 train pairs per week to 7 train pairs in March. Transport operations on this route are booming. A further increase in ISU transport operations to 10 train pairs per week is planned.

Like the ISU system, the ROLA is adapted to the arrival and departure times of shipping traffic, which enables very short running times between Turkey and Europe when using ROLA or ISU as rail alternatives.

Current ROLA & ISU train programme (from June 2018):

4 ROLA connections with a total of 272 trains per week:
  • Wörgl – Brennersee; 222 trains/week
  • Wels – Maribor: 28 trains/week
  • Wörgl – Trento: 16 trains/week
  • Salzburg – Trieste-Fernetti: 6 trains/week

1 ISU connection with a total of 14 trains per week:

  • Wels – Trieste-Fernetti: 14 trains/week

Both ROLA and ISU transport operations are part of the cooperation with the Turkish shipping company and result in an annual volume of over 20,000 shipments. U.N. Ro-Ro is the leading ferry operator in the fast-growing Turkish market and cooperated very successfully with RCG for several years.

The aim is to further expand transport operations with an optimal transport mix and thus shift it from road to environmentally friendly rail and connect Turkey even better to North-Western Europe.