State Prize for Mobility goes to RCG

The Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology awards the State Prize for Mobility on an annual basis. TransANT, our innovative wagon concept, won over the international jury and has now been awarded the State Prize for Mobility.

Freight volumes are expected to increase 30 % by 2030. RCG is working intensively on moving freight transport from road to rail in a sustainable manner. For this purpose, an innovative platform wagon has been developed that outstrips all others with its modularity and flexibility. TransANT adapts to changing logistical requirements. This platform wagon is the solution for bringing efficient and effective transport alternatives on to the market and thus making rail freight transport more attractive in the long term. The ultimate goal is to increase rail’s share in the overall freight transport market. Its special lightweight structure allows four tonnes more payload per wagon. TransANT is a wagon concept that sets new standards and thus represents a new milestone in the international freight transport market. This innovation project, which was developed and implemented by RCG in cooperation with voestalpine, has now been awarded the State Prize for Mobility by an international jury.

State Prize Mobility 2019 with Innovation TransANT in the category "Increase Value Creation. Open up markets."

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