Storm damage in the Czech Republic

Due to the storm damage in the Czech Republic, there is currently a detour between Breclav and Prerov. ÖBB RCG is committed to ensuring the smooth transport of goods as quickly as possible as a reliable partner.

The safety of people and goods is a top priority for us at ÖBB Rail Cargo Group. Therefore, we are paying special attention during the current storm damage in the Czech Republic to ensure that all persons and goods involved reach their destination safely and undamaged.  

Due to the tornado-like thunderstorms, there was also considerable damage to the rail infrastructure, which currently makes rail traffic between Breclav and Prerov impossible. As a result, freight trains are currently being diverted along the aforementioned route and may cause train delays and individual train cancellations.

At present, it is still difficult for us to estimate the end of the disruption. However, we are working intensively with our partners to ensure the smooth transport of goods as quickly as possible. We ask for your understanding and will keep you informed about the progress and the return to normal as soon as possible.

Customers will receive information on affected services from their customer advisor.