Successful wagon partnership extended

The contract between ÖBB Rail Cargo Group and LogServ for the “Joint Use of Dispatch Wagons” has been extended for another five years. This unique collaboration is the first of its kind in Europe.

Member of the RCG Executive Board Thomas Kargl und Managing Director of LogServ Markus Schinko signed the extension agreement to continue their successful cooperation on 18th January.

The contract for the “Joint Use of Dispatch Wagons” between ÖBB Rail Cargo Group and LogServ will be extended for another five years from 1st April. The agreement has been in effect since 2016. “Lessons learned” have been incorporated, for instance ways to handle exceptional circumstances e.g. in the case of a pandemic, where wagons may not be in use for an extended period of time.
In accordance with this unique collaboration – the first of its kind in Europe – both contracting parties make available the wagons that the voestalpine Steel Division needs for its dispatch procedure: a total of 1,400 wagons, around 300 of them belong to LogServ. This makes forwarding and pre-sorting between the dispatch areas much easier. The wagons’ standby and transit times on site are reduced considerably. This in turn has a positive influence on the wagon demands and costs.

Transport for the Steel Division

LogServ dispatches about 5 million tonnes of finished products for the voestalpine Steel Division every year. A small proportion is carried out by the company’s own railway undertaking CargoServ, sending finished products to Italy, for instance. A significant proportion of high quality international transport is carried out by its long-term partner ÖBB Rail Cargo Group. As a provider of highly specialised steel products, the voestalpine Steel Division caters for its customers all over the world.