Terminal in the Czech Republic to expand

Cargo ship port and important cargo terminal for the Rail Cargo Group in Mělník is making plans for a terminal enlargement to meet increasing logistics requirements.

As the economy grows, mobility increases. The associated increase in transport services, in particular those of combined transport, requires a high quality infrastructure with professional equipment. Two years ago, Rail Cargo Operator - CSKD relocated its hub terminal in the Czech Republic from the capital city in Prague to Mělník. With a handling area of 0.7 hectares, a 400m long loading track and two depot areas, which were far away from the loading track, an initial solution to the problem had to be found. The need for an increase in the terminal area increased rapidly. Efficient logistics processes require a flexible terminal operation and thus large handling areas. And due to the increasing intermodal transport between the northern ports of Hamburg and Bremerhaven and Mělník in recent years, an extension of the terminal was more than necessary. In the spring of 2017, the terminal extension of approximately 8,500 m² was started. This initiated the development into an efficient, market-conforming terminal. In June 2018, the terminal was expanded by a further 15,000 m². In addition, there are currently two additional track systems measuring 750 m each. Handling between the carriages and trucks and from the trucks to the carriages are thus made possible. For this purpose, 4 container handling systems, so-called reach stackers, with a lifting capacity of up to 50 tonnes are available at Terminal 4 for the handling of containers and transfer platforms.

The expansion of the terminal means a relief on the population. The locals were often disturbed by handling outside the terminal towards the railway station and the town of Mělník and the traffic is normally heavy at the level crossings between the terminal and the station. The transfer work could be relocated to the terminal area through the expansion, which ensures a much more efficient logistics process.