transport logistic 2019: The Rail Cargo Group's exhibition stand has been attracting a lot of attention

Success stories from Messe München
Industry priorities and networking take centre stage

The Rail Cargo Group is showcasing its customer-oriented and market-oriented approach at the transport logistic 2019 trade fair in Munich, which runs until 7th June. Customers, business partners and media representatives have the opportunity to meet RCG experts both at the 300m2 stand (Hall B6, Stand 217/318) and outside on the fairgrounds (Platform 1/6). Logistics specialists from the various business units provide detailed insight into the RCG product portfolio as well as information about the current focal points of RCG's business units.

Business Unit: Steel / Energy / Automotive

The RCG TransFER Vienna-Scandinavia service provides a weekly connection between Vienna and Scandinavia. The service runs up to four times a week, and links Austria with Northern Europe. In addition, TransFER Rotterdam-Duisburg is scheduled to go operational this year. TransFER Duisburg-Linz is already up and running, and will provide onward transport from Duisburg. What is more, RCG has made great achievements when it comes to transporting steel, raw materials for power supplies, as well as supplies for the European automobile industry, which were delivered with the utmost punctuality, having delivered about 1.5 million tonnes of iron scrap to Italy last year by rail.

Business Unit: Mineral Oil / Agriculture / Chemicals / Environmental

Rail freight transport of petroleum, gas, chemical, agricultural and waste disposal products – whether in national or international single wagonload or block train traffic - included more than 1,100 block trains from Hungary, Romania, Croatia and Serbia to Italy last year. The safe transport of liquefied gases is just as important as the transport of mineral oil: the “rolling pipeline” caters for consistent fuel depot provisions.

Business Unit: Wood / Paper / Building Materials / Consumer Goods

The RCG is the largest timber transporter in Central Europe, carrying approximately seven million tonnes of timber each year. The RCG possesses a comprehensive network of single wagonloads in addition to the international TransNET. The current focal points are the TransFERs Villach-Italy and Vienna-Scandinavia, as well as Green City Logistics, customised project logistics and warehouse logistics. The RCG Consumer Goods division also acts as a partner for the transportation of brown and white goods, beverages, food and consolidated cargo.

Business Unit: Intermodal

Some of the latest highlights in the RCG Intermodal segment include the 400+ trains that travelled to and from China last year, goods transported from Xi'an to Budapest within 10 to 12 days, the 3,300+ trains to and from the port of Trieste, as well as the successful ISU transport system (innovative semi-trailer transshipment). Thanks to long-distance connections running at highly frequent intervals, customers are now being offered the following new TransFER connections: Lodz-Istanbul, Wels-Lübeck, Duisburg-Venice, Wolfurt-Trieste and the TransFER Trieste-Vienna-Linz-Trieste.

Additional focal points

Other RCG highlights are prominent at transport logistic 2019. ÖBB CEO Andreas Matthä will be present and will participate in various events, such as the Silk Road Podium. The Chinese market offers enormous potential for freight traffic to and from Europe, and RCG is continuously developing its long-distance connections to the Far East. The Rail Cargo Group's stand will also showcase the Xrail Alliance, whose aim it is to optimise European wagonload traffic in terms of user-friendliness, efficiency and competitiveness. The new RCG Supplier Tool will also be presented to an audience of experts. It will enable the execution of supplier services within a digital network to become even more efficient. Automated brake testing will also be on display, since this integral part of train automation is going to be essential for performance enhancements in the future of freight transport.

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