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New intermodal connections

With a new non-stop connection, we are further expanding our network in the direction of northern Germany, thus creating a direct connection to the Scandinavian region for the first time.

As the largest German Baltic Sea port, the port of Lübeck is a central transshipment point between the economic centres of Western and Central Europe and the rapidly developing Baltic Sea region. Especially since the transshipment terminals of the Port of Lübeck ensure connections across Europe, they also form a decisive gateway to Scandinavia. With the TransFER Wels–Lübeck, Rail Cargo Group is now putting a non-stop connection running twice a week between the Austrian HUB Wels and the Northern European metropole on rail. These trains not only provide the first direct connection to the Scandinavian region, but also provide a seamless connection to our national and international network via Terminal Wels. With the new TransFER Wels–Lübeck, we guarantee a reliable, high-frequency connection to the Turkish market with seven departures per week between Wels and Trieste – for all loading units of combined transport. 

We are thus not only expanding our service area, but also shortening transit times to and from the Baltic Sea port and also strengthening combined transports within Austria and to northern Germany. The direct connection also represents a high priority for optimal hinterland connections. Not to forget the numerous antenna connections to Austrian and German terminals.

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TransFER Wels–Lübeck

Starting in March: TransFER Duisburg–Venice.