Wagon equipment

With our fleet of different types of wagons, we have suitable logistics equipment for all customer needs.

The foundation for maximum transport safety is the optimum equipment – each product has its individual solution. Technical innovations and special wagons enable customised transport solutions adapted to customer and market requirements. Our specialists ensure a sustainable and cost-efficient transport and logistics system with bundled, international wagon management.

Your advantages

  • Control of the wagon fleet, which enables effective management of the wagons
  • Acquisition of an international wagon management system
  • Damaged wagon management
  • We bear the full capacity risk

Wagon descriptions

Open wagons
E and F-type wagons

Covered wagons
G, H and T-type wagons

Flat wagons
K, L, R and S-type wagons

Sggrrs, Sgns

Special wagon
Shimmns, Slmmpss, Slps

Container wagons
L and S-type wagons

Low floor wagons
Saadkms, Sdmmrs

Powder wagons
Uacs, Ucns,Ucs


In our booklet you will find all the details about freight wagons and innovative transport and handling solutions of the Rail Cargo Group.