The Big RCG Year in Review

In 2023, we learned a lot about sticking together. About what it means to be able to rely on others. 

We grew even closer together as #TeamRCG. We achieved great things with our customers and partners, even though it wasn’t always easy. 

More than ever, we were driven by our vision: we are the sustainable logistical backbone of the European economy – for a Europe worth living in. 

What it means to be #Railcore.

A personal message from the RCG CEO Clemens Foerst

Logistics at its best

Our sustainable logistics solutions are shaping the industry well beyond Austria's borders. Here are four of our flagship projects that prove that our hands-on mentality makes all the difference. 

Drinks on us! Multimodal transport for Brau Union & SPAR

Long-distance transport by rail, first and last mile by truck. Our multimodal transport operations for Brau Union Österreich and SPAR set the benchmark for sustainable and efficient end-to-end logistics and have already saved 5.7 tonnes of CO2 with eight swap bodies.

Waste should be transported by rail

As a result of the amended Waste Management Act 200,000 tonnes of waste have already been transported by rail this year. This is good news for our planet, which can breathe easy thanks to 11,400 fewer truck journeys. A figure that will only grow in 2024!

A strong foundation

RCG transports concrete sleepers from Poland through the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary to Romania for Track Tec, the leading supplier of track superstructure materials.  By the end of 2024, a total of 80 trains at 1,500 tonnes net weight each will have been processed and will form the basis for Romania's railway infrastructure.

Side-by-side with our Ukrainian partners

Since the outbreak of the war, RCG has increased grain transports from Ukraine more than tenfold – making a vital contribution to global supply security in the process. Working closely with our Ukrainian distributor Agrosem has also helped make this possible.

Transport with power

There is no challenge we can’t meet with our customers. These six flagship projects are illustrated by six powerful quotes that show why we pull out all the stops for our customers. Because "impossible” is not part of the RCG vocabulary.


20 years of partnership with EVN

Sugar beets for Agrana

The first wood train from Germany to Bosnia

MIKE pilot project: block and adhoc train order

Transporting chairs for Starnacht with Rotfuchs 

New wood transports from South Tyrol to Austria

We connect across borders

Our constantly growing TransNET and newly established intermodal connections form a comprehensive transport network across Europe and build a bridge to Asia – logistics without borders. 

Multimodal connections to Turkey

Our flexible, seamless door-to-door solutions for containers, swap bodies, bulk, and trailers connect continents. We are also the first rail logistics provider to hold a licence for craneable trailers in the Marmaray Tunnel. 

MML is nothing short of genius

TransFER Verona–Wuppertal

Restrictions and closures at the Brenner Pass and in the Gotthard Tunnel in 2023 affected freight transport throughout the DACH region. We were quick to respond and established a reliable alternative from Italy to Germany with our attractive south-north connection. 

More about TransFER Verona–Wuppertal

TransFER Villach–Italy

With the two new connections VillachTreviso and VillachFrosinone, RCG continues to expand its comprehensive TransNET and also takes care of final distribution throughout Italy with local logistics centres.

More about TransFER Villach–Italy

TransFER Budapest–Rijeka

With two round trips per week, the new TransFER connection is ideal for 20 and 40 container loads and provides a direct, non-stop network connection for maritime flows of goods between the BILK terminal in Budapest and the port of Rijeka.

More about TransFER Budapest–Rijeka

Major trade fairs and special anniversaries

From celebrating a local 20th anniversary to participating in the most important logistics trade fairs: this year we have once again spread our enthusiasm for rail freight across the world, inspiring new and existing customers with the transport transition.

Transport logistic 2023

Whether it was an unforgettable RCG get-together or a stirring handover ot the RFF chairmanship: the long-awaited comeback to Munich could not have gone better and RCG and its sustainable "Freight Forest" were – hands down – the absolute highlight of the exhibition.

We are where our customers are

And we understand logistics in every language. These trade fairs allowed us to meet familiar customers and introduce our sustainable logistics solutions to new ones.


Italy: Made in Steel & Ecomondo

Turkey: logitrans Istanbul

China International Import Expo (CIIE)

Here's to that!

We celebrated three 20 year anniversaries for international railway freight transport. Congratulations to our colleagues.

Czech Republic: RCO-CSKD

Hungary: RCT-BILK

TransFER Melnik–Hamburg/Wilhelmshaven

Our profession is our passion

At #TeamRCG, we are logistics professionals through and through – and we use our expertise to support not only our customers, but anyone in need. Here are four examples of how we we use our #Railcore spirit to do good. 

All-out effort against the fires

Taking responsibility on the job and beyond: a glimpse into the voluntary work of four Slovenian colleagues who protect people and the environment as dispatchers, wagon masters and engine drivers in the volunteer fire brigade.

Water blast!

Earthquake relief on rails

In early February, violent earthquakes in Turkey and Syria shattered the lives of tens of thousands of people overnight. A special 220-tonne RCG train transported 30 STRABAG office containers and three sanitary containers to the affected area to provide shelter for those who had lost everything. 

Our aid train

We transport opportunities

In partnership with the "Future in your Schoolbag" charity project, we organised the transport of over 1,000 school bags for children in Bucharest and rural regions of Romania. This was a project close to our hearts and a small contribution to the future of these young children. 

Great joy for little people

Grain for Africa

Our Hungarian colleagues from RCH transported 14,000 tonnes of this year's grain harvest to the port of Rijeka. From there, ships carrying mainly wheat and barley set sail for Egypt and Tunisia. 

One RCG – 18 countries united

Not only do we offer our customers comprehensive logistics solutions from the first mile to the last, we are also always there for them locally. With traction companies in 13 European countries and presence in 18 countries, we are always ready for your concerns and to understand cultural differences.


Closer to the customer

Our new office in the port of Rijeka allows us to handle container transport from a single source. This is especially beneficial for our customers, who can utilise our port agency services for import and export, customs clearance, waybill preparation, and more.

China, here we come!

Founded in 2023, our subsidiary in Shanghai brings us even closer to our customers' needs  and offers reliable alternatives to sea and air freight with attractive transit times. 

Own traction in Serbia

For the first time, we are able to operate our services in Serbia with our own locomotives and personnel. This milestone for efficient and customer-oriented transport services to Turkey was celebrated with the arrival of the successful test train. 


That was our Year in Review for 2023

Many thanks on behalf of everyone at #TeamRCG – we look forward to seeing you again next year!