First timber train from Germany to Bosnia

From Germany directly to a large paper mill in Bosnia. ÖBB Rail Cargo Group (RCG) organises a block train – loaded with logwood – across the Balkans for the first time.

In December, RCG organised and carried out a timber transport from Germany to Bosnia for the first time. The logwood was loaded onto the wagons at a loading siding in Giessen. After a journey of 1,435-kilometres via Passau (Germany) – Spielfeld/Maribor (Slovenia) – Dobova/Savski Marof (Croatia) – Slavonski Šamac/Bosanski Šamac (Bosnia), the wood logs finally arrived at the siding of the recipient – the company Natron-Hayat, a large paper mill in Maglaj. 

Individual solutions for each wood product

The transport was 100 % in the hands of RCG through Austria and Croatia; partners handled the transport in the other countries. In addition to organising and executing the transport, RCG’s logistics professionals also took care of customs clearance. This was the first test train of this kind, and more are currently being planned. A team of experts specialised in the wood products industry is responsible for designing and organising well thought-out, comprehensive solutions for international transports at RCG. As a reliable partner of the forestry, timber and paper industry and the largest timber transporter in Central Europe, RCG focuses on ecological transport by rail.