Rolling road

Trucks remains stationary while they tick off the miles – no traffic jams, driving or overtaking restrictions. The rolling road makes it possible

You save money, time and hassle while protecting the environment. The rolling road (ROLA) combines road and rail transport. Whole trucks and semi-trailers cover stages of their journey by rail. We transport some 200,000 trucks a year across Europe. This makes us the market-leading provider of rolling road services in Europe.

While drivers spend their rest periods enjoying the on-board service in the accompanying carriage, their trucks are ticking off the miles – not on the road but on the environmentally friendly rail system. Thanks to this accompanied combined (intermodal) transport, transit routes are freed of heavy goods vehicles, greatly reducing noxious emissions and the environment can take a deep breath.

Your benefits

  • Cost savings: Reduced fuel consumption, no tolls, increased turnover and productivity
  • Time savings: No traffic jams, no weekend, holiday or overnight driving restrictions
  • Safety: ROLA travel is recognised as a statutory rest period and our trains have high safety standards
  • Positive environmental impact: Low noise pollution, reduced CO2 emissions
  • Positive image: Improvement in your company's ECO balance (CO2 savings)


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