Mineral Oil

We focus on reliability, adherence to schedules and stability in logistics processes. Because demand-driven provision with raw oil is decisive for the success of oil and gas companies.

Professional tank wagon management, demand-driven fuel depot provision, control and organisation of unladen shipments: These are the cornerstones of integrated logistics solutions for the oil industry. Whether it be directly from the transshipment ports to the refineries or from the refineries to the fuel depots. Adherence to schedules, reliability and high safety standards are the highest priority here. Because only punctual transport processing ensures an uninterrupted quality of supply for fuel depots.

Every type of cargo has its own type of wagon

Managing different types of wagons, with a particular focus on tank wagons, is part of our integral approach to logistics. Competent, personal customer service is founded on operative and technical knowledge about the requirements for repair, cleaning, maintenance and inspection, as well as international regulations.

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Your benefits

  • Organisation of door-to-door delivery throughout Europe
  • Professional freight and tank wagon management
  • Management of proprietary wagon fleet of various types (emphasis on tank wagons)
  • Fuel depot provisions in direct coordination with the persons in charge of the fuel depot
  • Demand-driven fuel depot provision
  • Transport monitoring in national and international traffic
  • Flow and supply management
  • Control and organisation of unladen shipments
  • Servicing damaged private tank wagons
  • Stabling and securing wagons loaded with dangerous goods
  • Rearward positioning of loaded wagons
  • All-in offers: Freight and asset in modular system
  • Accident reporting management: emergency contact addresses