Rail Freight Forward

The Rail Cargo Group is part of Rail Freight Forward, a coalition of European freight railways which have set themselves the goal of drastically reducing the negative effects of freight traffic on the planet and mobility through innovation and a more intelligent traffic mix.

The coalition aims to increase rail freight's share of the modal split to 30% by 2030. Rail Freight For- ward wants to involve railway companies, infrastructure managers and political decision-makers throughout Europe in the measures to implement this modal shift.
Rail Freight Forward is a broad-based and steadily growing association of rail freight transport compa nies supported by the CER, UIC, ERFA and VDV associations.

BLS Cargo, CD Cargo, CFL Cargo, DB Cargo, GreenCargo, Lineas, LTE Group, Mercitalia,Ost-West Logistik, PKP Cargo, Rail Cargo Group, SBB Cargo, SNCF Logistics, ZSSK Cargo are currently participating.


Welcome Noah´s Train!

Symbol for sustainable freight transport, synonym for green mobility and climate ambassador of our planet reaches Vienna and is ceremoniously received.